Church Board


Our current Church Board members are (standing, left to right) Nate Hollings, Member-at-Large; Brian Flandermeyer, Deacons Chair; Steve Soderberg, Research and Long-Range Planning; Michael Bird, Finance and Property; Jamie Tinker, Inreach; Helga Phillips, Education; Tris Gaillard, Communication; (seated) Deryk Richenburg, Senior Minister; Paul Breglio, President; David Luce, Church Administrator; Carol Chase, Clerk; Ruth Luipold, Member-at-Large; (not in photo) Tina Balmer, Personnel; Chip and Marla Darius, Outreach; and Rene Liz, Junior Member-at-Large.

All Church Board meetings are open to First Church members (with the exception of executive sessions when held by vote of the Board). The Board meets in the Morgan House Drawing Room on third Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Approved Church Board meeting minutes can be seen in the Church Office.

Board of Deacons


Our current Deacons’ Board members are (standing) Gene Koenig, Brian Johnson, James Otis, Deacons Chair Brian Flandermeyer, Bob Galloway, Laurie Allen, Ken Kittredge, (seated) Carol Wasserman, Vicki Silva, Kate Stiffle, Ann Flandermeyer, Paul Marks, Richard Geikie, (kneeling) John Cooper, Greg Voth, Barbara Walsh, Amber Bird, (not in photo) Deane Felter, Justine Grandpré, Molly Minerly, and Rahul Mudimala.

All Deacons meetings are open to First Church members. They meet in the Morgan House Drawing Room on first Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Approved Board of Deacons meeting minutes can be seen in the Church Office.