Church Council — 9/19/17

As announced in the The Spire, the initial meeting of the new Church Council—created by the recently approved Bylaws—met Tuesday evening, September 19. Photos of the attending members of this group appear below, alphabetically, along with their names and positions, and IDs of those not present. The nine members of the Executive Board form the core of the Church Council.

Above, left: Lans Anderson, Campus Stewardship Chair
Above, right: Michael Bird, Executive Board, Member-at-Large and Finance Chair

Above, left: Carol Chase, Clerk
Above, right: Terri Dowling, Missions and Outreach Ministry Chair

Above, left: Richard Geikie, Board of Deacons Chair
Above, right: Nathan Hollings, Executive Board, Member-at-Large
     and Finance and R&LRP* member

Above, left: David Luce, Church Administrator
Above, right: Ruth Luipold, Executive Board, Member-at-Large
     and Human Resources member

Above, left: Paul Marks, Executive Board, Member-at-Large and R&LRP* Chair
Above, right: Jill McNally, Hospitality Ministry Chair

Above, left: Deryk Richenburg, Executive Board, Senior Pastor
Above, right: Steve Soderberg, Executive Board, President

Above: Robin Strom, Leadership Committee Chair

Not shown: Tina Balmer, Executive Board, Member-at-Large and Human Resources Chair; Tom Englert, Board of Trustees Chair; Brian Flandermeyer, Executive Board, Member-at-Large, Vice President, and Finance member; John Wieder, Leadership Committee Co-Chair; and Roger Willard, Historic Resources Chair

NOTE: The Christian Development Ministry Chair has not yet been determined.

*Research and Long-Range Planning