PHONE — 860.529.1575
FAX — 860.721.7861
VICKIE ANDERSON, Preschool Director  |  Email  |  x235
SEEMA ANUP, Preschool Teacher Assistant | 232
TESSA BEAUREGARD, Ministry Leader  |  Email  |  x202
MARYALICE BIGHINATTI, Preschool Teacher Assistant & PM Head Teacher | x230 & x254
HAZEL BROWN, Evening Receptionist  |  Email  |  x229
MARTINA CACIOLI, Preschool Teacher Assistant | x231
JIM COMEAU, Morning Custodian  |  x299
MARILYN DANIELSON, Assistant to Senior Minister / Office Mgr. / Assistant to Outreach; Library; and Men’s, Seniors’ and Women’s Ministries  |  Email  |  x213
JEY DEIFELL, Minister Emeritus  |  Email
BRUCE DOUGLAS, Evening Custodian  | x229
TRACI-LYNN FOX, Preschool Head Teacher  | x232
DIANE GALLOWAY, Caring Ministries and Adult Education Assistant  |  Email  |  x210
DAVE GILBERT, Director of Communications  |  Email  |  x225
PAT GILBERT, Receptionist / Preschool Assistant / Bulletin Editor / Web Manager | Email | x229
KRISTIN HACKER, Preschool Teacher Assistant | x230
NICKI HANNON, Preschool Head Teacher | x254
LINDA HENDERSON, Assistant, Ministry of Music and the Arts  |  Email  |  x209
BOB KELEHER, Property Manager / Church Sexton  |  Email  |  x299
DIANE KRAUSE, Family Ministry Assistant  |  Email  |  x303
DAVID LUCE, Church Administrator  |  Email  |  x220
DONNA LUCE, Preschool Teacher Assistant | x232
WAYNE LUMAN, Associate Pastor of Community and Care  |  Email  |  x203
GABBY MARANDINO, Preschool Head Teacher | x230
BILL McKEEN, Evening Receptionist  |  x229
BRYAN MINERLY, Worship Leader  |  Email  |  x274
PHOEBE OSTERGREN, Preschool Head Teacher  |  x231
DERYK RICHENBURG, Senior Minister  |  Email  |  x213
DREW SHATTUCK, Finance Manager  |  Email  |  x217
SHARON SHAW, Preschool Head Teacher | x232
LYNN SUNSHINE, Preschool Teacher Assistant | Science Resource Consultant and Chapel Leader | x254
JAMIE TINKER, Preschool Head Teacher  | x230
MARIANNE VOGEL, Associate Organist  |  x209
ROGER WILLARD, Daytime and Weekend Custodian  |  x299
TODD WILLARD, Associate Pastor of Family Ministry  |  Email  |  x205