Chair Vote


On Sunday, June 5, parishioners had a chance to vote on their preferred chair for the new Keith Jones Hall, based on comfort level.

There were two options: “A” had fabric, and “B” was plastic and had a more curved shape. “A” got 62 votes, and “B” got 19, with two people suggesting that we order half of each (of course, it would have to be more like 75/25!).

We do need the chairs to be uniform, so all the chairs will be like Sample A. As indicated, their appearance and materials may be different than the sample, but the structure, cushioning and support will not change. One voter asked that some be provided with arms for those who need leverage to get out of the seat. That will be done.

Some of the voters got creative:

A by far!
Ahhh, B :)
A Please
A!! =)
A (people with hip issues
       cannot sit for long on B)
A, but be sure they have
       Scotchgard on fabric for spills!

Many thanks to all who took the time to help with this important decision—including our chair models, Chip and Abby Darius (above) and Di Krause (on the Marsh 2.0 Announcements page)!