How Our Preschool Benefits from the Marsh Building
by Vickie Anderson

The preschool staff is excited about the upcoming changes and renovations to the Marsh Building. It provides a wonderful venue for our school’s family events.

We are able to host our Fall Harvest Hoedown in October, when we square dance, enjoy pizza, and play fall games with everyone. We have held our Thanksgiving Play & Feast in Keith Jones Hall for 17 years. The Pre-K classes perform a live Nativity play and enjoy their Christmas party there. In the spring our families attend our Family Fun Night, which includes pizza and the Preschool Art Gallery—amazing paintings and sculptures inspired by famous artists.

The Marsh Building is a wonderful space (with a kitchen!) that has adequate room for our 90+ families to gather. We will be creative this year and find different accommodations but will look forward to what the new Keith Jones Hall has to offer us!

Vickie Anderson is  Director of the First Church of Christ Preschool.