Photo Update

July 19, 2016

(Above)  Classroom M-1 (foreground) was the first room on the right when entering the Marsh Building from the Connector. The wall framing shows that there will be two classrooms plus a somewhat smaller library than before. The Mildred Edwards Jones Library and Resource Center (its official name for many years) will offer computer work stations, WiFi and media, along with resource books. The stairway to Keith Jones Hall is visible at the far end. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  This picture was taken from the opposite corner. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  Backing off from the last shot, here is a view that features part of the new library space. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  The Outreach Gift Shop will remain in its present location and and will be beautifully freshened up. (Photo: July 19)

(Above)  The Chapel space is ready for its own enhancements. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  The Church Parlor will receive a makeover. Here, the windows are being replaced. Expect a gas fireplace insert and sconces—and more. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  Keith Jones Hall is being expanded back from its old stage area, by removing the wall that separated KJH from the old Communications Room, seen at left in this shot. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  Our next photographic update will undoubtedly show Keith Jones Hall with the far wall—seen in this shot—removed (as already mentioned) in order to add space, among other reasons. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  This is your last glimpse of the two windows on the left, which have just been bricked over from the outside, so that they won’t interfere with the new, semicircular stage to be located there. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  A worker lays brick over the two windows just mentioned (one of them completed in this shot). After the finishing work, the new bricks and mortar will blend right in. (Photo: July 14)

(Above)  After the work was completed, those two windows became things of the past, “setting the stage” for an amazing new multi-purpose space for generations to come. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  Here’s a view from the other direction, showing the two remaining windows at the far end on the right, followed by the two bricked-up windows. In the foreground are the kitchen entrance and exit, and, below the exit sign, the elevator/restroom wing entrance. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  The corridor off Keith Jones Hall, shown here with framing for that wing’s new configuration, will lead to the elevator, two enhanced and greatly enlarged restrooms, and a storage room. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  Same view as the last picture but a few weeks later, with the sheetrock now in place. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  From the other direction, we can peek into one of the new restrooms. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  As you may have noticed in this page’s banner photo—or in person—Marsh Building windows are in the process of being replaced. (Photo: July 18)

(Above)  Glazing is a crucial part of the renovation of the Marsh Building. The new windows are durable and energy-saving. (Photo: July 18)(Above)  Interesting Keith Jones Hall fact — The arched structure below the window, which had been hidden below the old display case, is there because the arched Marsh Street entrance to the building needs that space. (Photo: July 18)

(Above and below)  Work is also progressing well on the lower level. (Photos: June 30)

(Above)  Classrooms are ready for renovation. Here is the Church School Activity Room, aka Crafts Room, with its future purpose still to be determined. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  Classroom walls still have the chalk drawings made last year by children and adults of all ages. In this room, the crosses of Calvary are prominent on one wall. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  Taken from a corner of the Choir Room, this picture shows the Church Parlor through the door opening on the left and the framework for the new, efficiently equipped Music Library. The wall jutting out from the far left of the photo is the location of the old Marsh Building dumbwaiter’s bottom level, which has long been hidden (see below). (Photo: June 30)

(Above and three photos below)  As mentioned above, the old dumbwaiter has not been visible for decades. In its heyday, it was used to transport items between the main floor and the Keith Jones kitchen. The Church Parlor is shown past the doorway. Soon the dumbwaiter will again be completely hidden from view, this time permanently, so here is a record of its existence, along with the three photos below. (Photo above: June 2)

(Above)  Dumbwaiter interior, looking up toward Keith Jones Hall. (Photo: June 30)

(Above)  Dumbwaiter opening in the Keith Jones kitchen. (Photo: June 30)

(Above) Dumbwaiter interior, looking down toward the main floor. (Photo: June 30(Above)  A new Marsh Building entrance/exit is being created just outside of the Connector extension, for safety reasons. (Photo: July 14)

(Above) The distinctive Marsh Building cupola was renovated in June. (Photo: June 2)

(Above)  This photo shows the gleaming, restored cupola—and windows in the midst of being replaced.

While taking Marsh Building update photos one day, this brilliant cross suddenly came into view.