Here are upcoming events, announcements, updates on what is being accomplished, and thoughts and reflections from our team and others. Check back often!


Photos Show Renovation Progress

Click here for a gallery of 32 recent photos—June 30 through July 19—giving clear views, with explanations, of interior and exterior Marsh Building work. Renovation is being kept on schedule, following the successful and on-time demolition work.



Parishioners Vote for Keith Jones Hall Chairs

On Sunday, June 5, all were invited to vote on their preferred chair to be used in the new Keith Jones Hall, based on comfort level.

Click here for the details and to find out which style won by a landslide!



Enthusiasm Abounds at ‘Stage-Breaking’ Bash

On Sunday, January 31, a capacity crowd—including children of all ages—gathered in Keith Jones Hall to participate in the Marsh Renovation Stage-Breaking Celebration and to kick off the final stage of the Marsh 2.0 Capital Campaign!

Click here to read all about it and see photos from this brief but memorable event!



Community & Worship

Tessa Beauregard shares some special memories of what the Marsh Building has meant to her and her ministry work through the years, relating to prayer, worship—and simply connecting with others and with God.

Click here to read Tessa’s recollections of this glorious, ample facility that happens to be in need of renovation.


“That House”

Has the Marsh Building been important for outreach? Absolutely! But we look forward to seeing the renovated structure become an even more essential outreach tool—as it returns to being “that house” in our area.

Click here and see how the Darius homestead makes everything clear!


Caring Communities

Our popular Midweek Connect dinners cannot be held during Marsh Building renovation, but Pastor Wayne anticipates an enhanced, highly inviting facility for meals and conversations as well as for other ministries that encourage connecting with others and with God.

Click here to learn how, with Marsh upgrades, these caring communities will attract our own church family along with more of those from beyond our walls.


Circle of Prayer, Sept. 27

Immediately following each worship service on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, parishioners were invited outside to encircle the Marsh Building for a period of guided prayer for the project of renovating that crucial structure, and for the capital campaign to fund it. Click here for the prayer guide that was used, and please keep this endeavor in prayer.



Amazing Space

Be enlightened as Pastor Todd explains how pivotal a renovated Marsh Building will be in reaching young people in our midst and from our community.

From his perspective as Associate Pastor of Family Ministry, Todd envisions being equipped—as never before—to offer middle- and high-schoolers group activities, special meals, weekend retreats and so much more, all in a quality environment at affordable prices. He sees “a place of refuge where people of all ages can come and encounter our savior Jesus!”

Please click here to discover just how special this will be!


Making Room for Preschoolers

Some who have already read this brief article by our Preschool director, Vickie Anderson, have been very surprised by how much this ministry relies on the Marsh Building. Please click here for her article and photos.



Campaign Committee Commissioning

During both services on Sunday, September 13, 2015, members of the Marsh 2.0 Capital Campaign Committee were commissioned. Please click here to see the bulletin insert, which includes their names and a list of prayer requests.



Under the Radar

On July 23, 2015, an update was issued on the Marsh project, describing activities and planning that had been mostly “behind the scenes.”

The congregational approval of the project (in March) set many things in motion on both the renovation and fundraising fronts. Please click here for insight presented in the middle of a busy and productive summer for our Marsh 2.0 team!