Campaign Documents

In a concise yet revealing chronology, learn about the history of the Marsh Building and its renovation efforts, focusing on how the current campaign came to be—and why:

Marsh Overview

Marsh Building Project Summary

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Please click below for (1) our campaign brochure; (2) the hi-def campaign video with information, interviews, insight and revealing images; (3) the Dec. 15 letter by Marsh 2.0 Co-Chairs Brian Johnson and Patricia Sicord outlining progress, participation and prospects; (4) a Jan. 15 letter by Pastor Deryk and Paul Breglio with a campaign update and inspiring testimonies from two contributors; (5) an eye-opening list of ten ways your generosity benefits you; and (6) the Letter of Intent, which you can complete with details of your campaign commitment:

Marsh 2.0 — Walking in Faith

HD Campaign Video
Marsh 2.0 video (duration 8:29)

Co-Chairs’ Letter
December 15

Pastor’s Letter
January 15

Generosity Points
How You Benefit

Letter of Intent
LOI Form

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The guides linked below provide many options for financially supporting God’s work in this campaign. Discover how you can maximize your donation—perhaps in more than one way—and then anticipate the joy and opportunities a renovated Marsh Building will bring!

Guide #1

Inspire Others, Save on Taxes

Guide #2

How to Give a Gift as Large as You Would Really Like to Give

Guide #3

Creative Examples of Sacrificial, Generous Gifts from Assets