Marsh 2.0
FAQ Page

What are the correct procedures for giving donations?

Marsh 2.0 donations...

  • ...can be given through the offering plate, mailed to the church, or deposited in the drop box outside the Finance Office on the second floor of the Cadwell Building. Please do not combine a Marsh gift with your regular offering. Make a separate check and note Marsh in the Memo of the check. Separate checks will help us accurately record the donation.
  • ...can be given through the First Church website. Click above on the main tab ONLINE GIVING (on mobile, click here), and then click the Give Now button. From the Select a fund menu, select Marsh Building Fund. Website donations can be made using your checking account or your debit or credit card, and the funds will be automatically directed in to the Marsh accounts.
  • ...can be sent as assets from a brokerage account. Please notify the Finance Office of the assets and the sending institution. Checks and stock transfers do not contain information about the donor, so the only way we have of tracking the contribution is through the donor.

Why is the Marsh 2.0 Committee excited and confident about this campaign?

We strongly believe God is in this. He has led us down this path.

Marsh is central to our vision of being a family focused on growing with God and reaching out to the community around us.

God has now given us an opportunity to partner with Him, faithfully follow His leading and build for life both now and for generations to come.

Our congregational meetings and votes have been overwhelmingly positive and a sign of God’s direction.

Our consultant is confident we can do this.

While some may ask if we can do this when we can’t meet our budget, most capital campaigns raise 2 to 5 times the annual operating budget. Our campaign goal of 2.5 million is on the low end of that range.

What’s the process for asking for money? Do I have to give it all at once?

We are following a biblical model of face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversations in peoples’ homes or wherever is convenient for them. We want to build relationships, share our excitement and answer any questions.

We strongly believe God is behind this and has already provided all the money we need for this project. Our role is for us to corporately and individually align our hearts with His will and act in faith accordingly. It is a wonderful opportunity to see Him work and to grow in faith.

With that in mind, we are going to ask everyone to spend time with God, giving thanks for His blessings and asking Him what He wants us to give from those things He has already given us or will give us—and then give in faith accordingly.

While we need as much money as possible up front, you can give over three calendar years or four tax years. Not only that, you can give in many different ways that we would love to share personally with you.

I am ready to give now! What do I need to do?

Thank you! We are excited, and we are glad you are as well.

We have many people we are trying to connect with on a personal basis. Please be patient with us. Still, we would love to meet with you. Just reach out to any of our team and we can start the process.

In the meantime, keep in prayer for us and for what God is asking you to give.

*    *    *

Do you have a question not shown here? Email the Marsh 2.0 Committee and let us know your questions and any thoughts you would like to share. We’ll be happy to get back to you.