Ministry of Music and the Arts

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Vocal and Handbell Choirs

Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival

We have three areas of service. The first is that of nurturing through worship. Every Sunday the traditional and Wind services have offered our very best to enhance our services of worship. This area of our ministry is one that works in tandem with the preaching ministers and the theme for each Sunday. What a joy it is to hear the singing of hymns in the Meetinghouse and of praise choruses in the Wind service!

The second area is that of Christian education. Our rehearsals tend to delve into the great biblical truths that are the basis of our songs. Once a Scripture has been learned and sung, it tends to become part of our being. 

The third area is that of outreach to the community.  We’ve had capacity attendees for the Destiny Africa Children's Choir, Christmas Concerts, Super Bell Concerts, and more. Our concerts are a wonderful way to invite guests who may be drawn to attend worship with our congregation. The beauty of Christmas Eve and the splendor of Easter, well saturated with the Word and with music, will always be mountaintop experiences to many of us!