April plus May Mondays 2017 

We would love to “spring into April” with full classes in our Extended Sessions. Mrs. Tinker and Mrs. Ostergren are excited to share their creativity and enthusiasm with your little ones.  Calling all “soon to be” graduates.  Attending the extended sessions is a nice transition in preparation for their all-day Kindergarten schedule in the fall. There’s only 2 months left to take advantage of these enrichment classes!

The weeks are organized by themed days that will build on each other throughout the month.

**April through May Monday**
“From Seed to Table”

April 3, 17, 24 and May 1, 8, 15, 22
Come and explore the “wonder” of seeds!  Not only are they a small home for baby plants, their uses are abundant! The children will be investigating the many ways seeds are used through planting, science, cooking, taste testing, art, gardening, bird feeders, math (counting, sorting, size comparisons), literature ….. the list is endless. This unit will extend through May because there is so much to cover, learn and explore! We will be transplanting our plants into a preschool garden at the end of the unit. ;)

Mid-way through, April 24, the children will take a field trip across the street to the Heirloom Market. They will tour the greenhouse and facility, see a variety of seeds and plants, decorate a pot and plant a surprise in a “cowpot” to take home. The cost of the field trip will be $5.00 per child. Please pay $5.00 in cash to Pat and we will deduct that amount from your payment. We recommend that you sign up for the entire unit, but if you are only interested in 1 month, please let us know.

Marine Biology Tuesday
 "Under the Sea"

April 4, 18, 25
Join us as we dive deep into the ocean to study some of the creatures who take habitat there.   Scientists have divided the ocean into 3 main layers.  These “zones” extend from the surface to the most extreme depths where light can no longer penetrate.  We’ll learn about creatures from the “sunlight zone”, the “twilight zone” and meet a few bizarre and interesting creatures who live in the “midnight zone”. 

Mouthwatering Wednesday
"Little Chefs"

April 5, 19, 26
Your little “chefs” will be given opportunities to participate in fun, developmentally appropriate cooking experiences by creating delicious goodies. They will learn about recipes, ingredients, measurement, tool safety and expanded “cooking vocabulary”. In this program they will make tasty masterpieces while learning to problem solve.

Barnyard Thursday
"Down on the Farm"

April 6, 20, 27
Zoology class will be taking us to the farm as we study barnyard animals.  Animals that live on the farm help us in many ways.  Some give us eggs, some give us milk, some give us wool and others give us meat.  Join the fun as we study a few of those favorite barnyard animals.  


Those families with more than one child attending will receive a 10% discount on the total cost for both children. To receive the discount, please choose the “In Person” option for payment. See Pat to get the amount of payment by either check or cash.

Our Lunch Bunch/Extended Session charge is $24 per session. Registrations and payments for the sessions are due by Wednesday, April 5. Please note: When you select a day/days, you are registering for the entire month and classes are limited to 18 students per class.

Children may attend one or more sessions each week. Children registered Monday through Thursday will receive a price break.

If our school closes, due to inclement weather on Extended Session days, you will be credited for future sessions.

We are excited about how well our Extended Sessions are going.  We hope that you will want your child to join us on their favorite day!  Sign up today and don’t miss out!  If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or Pat.

Click on the following link to register online for our April sessions: 

Online Registration

Click on the following link, and download the application, to register in person:

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