Three things will last forever-faith, hope and love- and the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 3:13

We, at First Church of Christ Preschool, treasure our families.  So, when tragedy strikes someone in our Preschool community, we want to be available to help in any way we can.  We are making this page available to our Preschool families as a convenient way to connect, inform and help those in need.

Unfortunately, our hearts have been broken for the Marcelynas Family and the Borgen Family this year.  We are including the correspondences that went out and the links for assisting and supporting them.  If you know someone outside of our preschool that would like to help, you can direct them to this webpage and they can get connected.

1. ELDA, JAMES & GIULIA MARCELYNAS’ story: I am writing to let you know that a student in our Tuesday/Thursday 3s class, James Marcelynas, lost his dad in a tragic accident on March 2.

If you saw the news coverage of the vehicle that was hit by the tree, it was James Marcelynas; father of Giulia and James and husband of Elda.  Some of you have had the pleasure of knowing this sweet family.
We are deeply saddened by this news and will be deciding how best we can serve them as a Preschool community.

2. BORGEN FAMILY’S STORY (‘Maven’, Paul, Melanie & Anthony)It is with deep sadness that I write to you about another tragedy that has afflicted one of our Preschool families.

Paul & Melanie Borgen have 2 children, Maven and Anthony.  Maven attended our Preschool for 2 years and is now attending Kindergarten.  Anthony is currently attending the 3s p.m. class.

Maven showed signs of "what appeared" to be Bell’s Palsy, but it is now confirmed to be a malignant brain tumor attacking her brain stem.  It is a very aggressive, fast growing type of cancer.  Please, please pray for a miracle.  She has started radiation soon and will begin a state of the art, aggressive treatment as soon as she meets the criteria and they find the right hospital with the right treatment.  Obviously, this news is a shock to this precious family and very devastating. 

  • Maven’s Family Outreach Opportunity: We’d like to “shower” them with CARDS!  We were told that they could use GAS CARDS (Mobil preferred and Shell) would be helpful, because they will be traveling for treatments, and VISA CARDS to help cover expenses, i.e. meals and items needed, while away from home and in the hospital. I HAVE A BOX TO COLLECT THESE IN MY OFFICE.
  • UPCOMING EVENT:  There has been a vendor event created to benefit Maven.  It will take place at Charles Wright School the evening of Thursday, April 27th.  It is a Facebook event.  Would you please consider sharing the link with the preschool families in case they are interested in attending: