Christian Stewardship

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For a brief overview, please click below and watch our introductory video:


Discover a vision of effective Christian stewardship, based on biblical principles, by clicking on the following links:

The Mission of the Stewardship Team

A Vision of Effective Stewardship

Stewardship Letter

Pastor Deryk on Stewardship

Spire Articles on Stewardship

Articles by Glenn Sunshine


Handy bookmarks and optional offering envelopes can be found at the Meetinghouse and Keith Jones Hall entrances and in the Wells Fellowship Area.

To be good stewards of the environment (and to save money!), our offering envelopes are no longer numbered or dated. Envelope numbers are no longer necessary (make sure your name is on your envelope or check). Boxed envelopes are available at Reception.

Learn much more about Christian stewardship from our recent sermon series. Provided here are audio MP3s of these inspiring and insightful messages:

Stewardship vs. Entitlement by Deryk Richenburg

Stewardship and the Image of God by Glenn Sunshine

Stewardship of Myself by Deryk Richenburg

Stewardship of What I Have Been Given by Deryk Richenburg

Stewardship and Poverty by Todd Willard