Heidi Lachut

Assistant Teacher | 5 Day, 5s AM CLASS

Heidi always wanted to be a mom. So, it was with great excitement that she was able to leave the insurance industry when she and her husband adopted three beautiful children from Russia. Her hands-on job of raising children from an orphanage has given her a unique perspective and much insight of the effects early childhood trauma can have on children and the importance of helping them with social and emotional development. Heidi joins us as the second member of “The Cool Pre-K” team alongside her “mini me”, Stacy Tedeschi. They first teamed together last year where Heidi integrated new lesson plans on Emotions! Her children now attend Boston University (Kylor, 20), Rochester Institute of Technology (Madi, 18) and Hall High School in West Hartford (Bella, 14). Heidi loves helping friends, crafting, the beaches of Cape Cod and a newfound hobby of gardening!