stephen ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program of our congregation that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian care to those experiencing all kinds of difficulties in life - both in our congregation and our community. Grounded in Jesus' command to love one another, it is based on the belief that caring for each other is an intended way of life for followers of Jesus Christ.

The Stephen Series logo consists of a cross and circle, together with a broken person and a whole person. The broken person stands behind the cross, symbolizing the brokenness in our lives as a result of our sin. The whole person stands in front of the cross because it is through the cross of Jesus that we again are made whole. The circle symbolizes both the wholeness we receive through Christ and God's unending love for us.

Stephen Ministry helps meet the needs of individuals who are  

  • hospitalized

  • seriously ill or disabled

  • bereaved

  • in a life transition

  • in a job crisis

  • experiencing a broken relationship

  • new members of the church

  • homebound

  • lonely

  • in a spiritual crisis

  • looking for a caring, Christian friend

You can help a friend or family member who is in need by making a referral, or you can find help for yourself by making an inquiry:

Contact our Stephen Ministry Referral and Inquiry Coordinator, Marti Bernardi, at 860.205.4693; or contact the Caring Ministries office, at 860.529.1575 x210 or by email.

All inquiries and referrals are strictly confidential.



Stephen Ministry Training

Stephen Ministry Training provides church members the opportunity to develop practical skills for a one-on-one caring ministry. Using Christian Resources, skills are developed in listening objectively, understanding feelings, honest communication, crisis theory and intervention, as well as, how to encourage steps of growth and change. The class format includes lecture, followed by discussion and application in small group settings.

Training and Service Requirements

  • Completion of a 50-hour training program held weekly.


  • A two-year commitment of service once the training program is satisfactorily completed and you have been commissioned by the church.


  • Meet weekly in a one-on-one helping relationship. (Usually for one hour at a mutually agreeable time and place)

  • Attend bi-monthly supervisory meetings for continued education, support, and supervision.

If you are interested in using your spiritual gifts faith, mercy, teaching the faith, encouragement, or knowing, consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

Contact the Caring Ministries office at 860.529.1575 x210 or by email.