Accelerate Northeast: DMM Summit


Hundreds of Kingdom movements around the world are bringing unprecedented numbers
of people to Christ and planting thousands of churches.

We believe God wants to do the same things here.

At the Accelerate Northeast Summit we will explore lessons we can learn from Kingdom movements globally and from each other here in the Northeast.




  • Roy Moran, 

    Spiritual Literacy Catalyst

    Roy has been pursuing a life style of multiplication from the moment he encountered Jesus in his teens. That led to Baylor University for a BA in Greek and Dallas Theological Seminary for a master’s degree in theology.

    Roy was born in Tokyo, Japan graduated from high school in Honolulu Hawaii. That vagabond lifestyle can be blamed on the United States Air Force in which Roy’s dad Ed served for 30 years.

    In 1988 Roy moved to Kansas City and worked at the HQ of FCA for four years as Vice President of Human Resources. Leaving FCA, Roy his wife Candy and a group of four others started Shoal Creek Community Church where Roy currently serves as the directional leader and spiritual literacy advocate.

    Shoal Creek has grown to 1000 people through reaching people who aren’t used to going to church.
    Roy has pioneered the concept of the “Hybrid Church,” which finds the synergy between the traditional attractional strategy and the principles found in disciple-making movements. The Hybrid strategy highlights a “Come/Go” aspect that allows the gospel to move freely away from the physical space sometimes referred to as a

    Roy is madly in love with Candy his wife of 42 years and golf, in that order!

    He has four grown and married children and nine beautiful grandchildren all living in the KC area and vitally connected to Jesus.

    The theme of Roy’s life can be described as an addiction to creating disciple-making movements (DMM). Over the past 10 years, he has traveled the world studying the great movements of the gospel in Indonesia, India, Africa, South America, and Europe. These travels have lead to the development of a Hybrid Strategy at Shoal Creek and the dedication to see movements of disciple-making in the US.

    Roy is chairman of the board of New Generations (formerly Cityteam International) a board member of Beyond ( a member of the East Clay Rotary Club and a member of the board of directors of the Institute of International Medicine.