hartford City mission

christmas store

Hartford City Mission’s staff has already started collecting gifts for the 7th annual HCM Christmas Store.

This special store allows parents the opportunity to buy new gifts for their children at tag sale prices. HCM then uses the funds to subsidize the cost of sleepover camp in the summer.

Last year, the store was a huge success! Parents and children were blessed with the option to shop from over 2,000 gifts in our store, and over $2,600 was raised for sleepover camp!

HCM is looking for NEW, UNwrapped gifts (no toy guns or clothes, please) appropriate for children in 1st – 8th grade in the price range of $5 to $20.

DROP OFF GIFTS in the First Church Wells Area on any of these Sundays: 

11/18, 11/25 or 12/2; 

or call Lisa Breglio for pickup at 860-690-2780. 

 Also, Lisa can answer your questions. 

NOTE: Dec. 2 is the final day you can leave gifts in the Wells Area.

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For more details about this program (and a 3-minute video), go to HCM’s Christmas Store web page by clicking here.