375th anniversary videos

    As a highlight of First Church's 375th anniversary in 2010, a series of remarkable interviews were recorded, featuring Meg and Robbins Barstow, Jey Deifell, Esther Longey, Betty Metcalf, Don Morgan, Persh Parker, and David Spicer. They were produced by Carl Braren, editor; Mike Watt, interviewer and technical consultant; and their wonderful team.

    Intriguing questions were answered; valuable and revealing answers were given!

Part 1 — Introduction to 375th-Anniversary Interviews

Part 2 — What has First Church meant to you?

Part 3 — How has God blessed you?

Part 4 — What is your fondest memory of the church?

Part 5 — Who has most influenced your life in connection with the church?

Part 6 — Questions about change at First Church

Part 7 — Questions about the Future

Part 8 — Question About Personal Legacy