Erica Liljenberg

Kiddie Caregiver Teacher | Chapel

Erica joined our staff after being a long-term substitute teacher during the Spring of 2022. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from Bridgewater University. After an 11-year career in Corporate America, Erica became a Stay at Home mother 9 years ago when she had her first child. Erica and her husband, Scott, have  lived in Wethersfield throughout their marriage. They enjoy the charms of small town life and love raising their children, Anja and Anders here in town.  Erica loves playing games and reading books with her children. She is always on the hunt for new, healthy recipes and enjoys crocheting during the winter months. She also loves getting creative with her at-home manicures. For the past 3 years, she has run a successful small side business. Being in the classroom brings her great joy and she’s excited for this newest endeavor.